The 127th MP Co. Vietnam, Alumni Association






Elected Officers

President                              Dan Compston


Vice President                      James Warren


Treasurer                               Dale Mattier





Webmaster                            Dale Mattier


Members Information            Jim Luttrell


Photo & Video History           Omar Boulds


History of the organization.

This organization started in 1998 by two guys who signed into a web site for  Army Vietnam MPs.  Dale Mattier was contacted by Jim Bruno by email. Even though their tours of duty only overlapped by a couple weeks in 1967, and they didn't remember meeting in Vietnam, there was a bond by their service. They started to communicate by email and phone. Jim was already in contact with a half dozen other veterans of the unit.

Jim sent away to Army records for a company record of personnel in the 127th in 1967. He got busy looking for others that served with the unit. He found one then another and soon he was finding some almost everyday. He would contact them and get addresses and phone numbers. While this was going on Dale made a web site with some pictures he had taken while he was with the 127th. Other veterans found the web site and contacted Dale. The guys sent pictures for the web site and it evolved.

Jump forward a year and we had a web site with pictures from more then a dozen veterans of the 127th and list of over 120 names. Jim and Dale decided to try to organize a reunion of the soldiers in the unit during it's years in Vietnam. The 1st reunion was in 2000 was a success. It brought old and new friends together. It was decided to do this every two years from then on.


Reunion Albums


2000 Las Vegas

2002 Las Vegas

2004 Myrtle Beach

2006 Lake Tahoe

2008 Branson

2010 Cripple Creek

2012 Washington DC

2014 San Antonio

2016 New Orleans

2018 Nashville

It has been the tradition, on Friday nights at the reunion there is a meeting of the attending  association members. At the 2004 reunion the wives and girlfriends organized their own  "Ladies Night Out" on the same night. The ladies go to a show while the men have their meeting. 

By the 3rd reunion, Dan Compston was a member. He is a professional investigator and got busy finding more vererans of the 127th. He found and contacted as many as 10 men a week. Soon our ranks grew to over 300 127th Vietnam veterans contacted.

The Alumni Association had it's sixth reunion in June 2010. On a sad note, some of the attendees of past reunion have passed on. They will be remembered and missed.


Membership is open and restricted to all men who served in the 127th MP Co. in Vietnam. We request a voluntary $10.00 membership dues per year. No member will be excluded from our association for non-payment of dues. The monies collected are used for mailings and phone calls coordinating reunions, web site maintainence, and notifying members of reunion plans.


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